Yoga oddih z Elke Treichl


Od četrteka, 24. oktobra do nedelje, 27. oktobra 2019.

Velikost skupine: minimalno 7 oseb, maksimalno 15 oseb



Paket joga oddih   Dvoposteljna soba  Enoposteljna soba
Vila Palenk***   € 462  € 507
Hotel Plesnik****  € 495  € 555

Cena paketa na osebo (3 nočitve).


Paket vključuje:

- 3 nočitve

- turistično takso

- uporabo Alpskega Eko Velnesa (prenovljen 2017), savna brisač, kopalnega plašča, copati

- wi-fi

- pijačo dobrodošlice

- polpenzion (zajtrk in večerja)

- 6 x vodena ura joge po 90 minut

- 10 % popust na Ayurvedske masaže in tretmaje




About Elke Treichl





I am very much looking forward to working with yoga- and nature-enthusiastic people on a few
wonderful days in the beautiful NP. Logarska dolina.
To yog with you, to breathe, to laugh - to be easy and to enjoy.
It is a deep concern of my heart that you are powerful in your body and that you are able to
you feel satisfied. Finding time to let your mind rest. You
Become aware of your breath and its power.
What I have taught you based on my more than 15 years of experience as an enthusiastic yoga teacher
can offer:


HEALTH YOGA: With therapeutically correct alignment,

ATEMTECHNICS: Your breath is the key to your consciousness! I want
We will be happy to support you in the importance and enjoyment of your
to make the conscious breath palpable. There are many breathing techniques -
Energy techniques that can be learned. Depending on how far you can get with
You've already connected to your breath.

VINYASA FLOW YOGA: We're practicing connecting to the breath and connecting to it.
connection into our individual exercise series.

HORMON YOGA: I would very much like to share the breathing technique "Bastrika" with you.
which we need to be able to treat our pituitary gland with a great deal of energy.
to provide for the needs of the people of this country. Our pituitary gland is responsible for hormone distribution. This
Technique, paired with targeted exercise series supports our body in times of
the change or also with fertility desire.
I am very pleased that we have found this place to ourselves again a
to come a little closer.

This yoga pack contains 6 yoga units - if the weather would allow it
it will either be more or we will explore the magnificent nature with common
You can find more information about me at: www.yoga-shiatsu-treichl.at



Informacije in rezervacije:
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- E-pošta: info@plesnik.si
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