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The Plesnik family's roots in the Logar Valley date back as far as 1426. Through the years the family has mainly been involved in agriculture and tourism. Its products and services are perfectly adapted to coexisting with nature, which is why to this day the valley boasts an exceptionally well preserved natural landscape. All employees at Hotel Plesnik strive in all areas to care for the unspoilt nature and the sustainable use of resources. A wide range of measures have been introduced through which the hotel's guests and suppliers are also made aware. We adhere to a sustainable plan, which includes environmental, socio-cultural, quality, health and safety considerations. We carry out annual assessments and regularly introduce new measures. The opinions of our guests and suppliers are also welcome in helping us achieve better quality and an improved approach to nature.


The principle of sustainable living is therefore a motto that has accompanied us from a young age…We adhere to the following principles:

  • Respect and care for community life

It is our ethical duty to care for others and other forms of life. At Hotel Plesnik we strive to ensure that the use of resources and preservation of the environment is fairly divided between our generation and those who will follow. Our efforts and development are oriented such that they do not threaten the survival, or destroy the habitat, of other species. There are clearly written rules of conduct in the Logar Valley Landscape Park.

  • Improve the quality of human life

The purpose of our development is to improve the quality of human life. Economic growth is part of development, however, it is not a goal in itself, nor can it continue indefinitely. We all have various goals, of which a long and healthy life is among them. Healthy, local food, which we offer our guests during their stay, plays a significant role in achieving this goal. Guests are also offered a range of health programmes, which we have put together based on the principles of permaculture and ancient healers, such as Sebastian Kneipp, Rudolf Steiner, as well as the practice of Ayurveda. All the programmes comprise healthy food, healing and beneficial herbs, appropriate outdoor activities, and relaxation, which includes various wellness programmes, massages and therapies.

  • Preserve the vitality and diversity of the Earth

Our development is based on the restoration of nature and includes protective measures. We are constantly developing whilst at the same time ensuring the sustainable use of renewables. All these processes are listed in detail in our online document, which is part of the Green Globe Eco Certification – A Sustainable System of Management. For several decades all tourist facilities in the valley have been heated on biomass, and a wastewater treatment is also used.


  • A change in personal attitudes and behaviour

Health is our wealth. However, to remain healthy we must take care of ourselves by ensuring we care for nature and our bodies. We must strive for a more sustainable way of life. Our range of food includes products from local and other Slovenian farms. Our relationship to food is an exceptionally important part of our relationship with nature. Fresh meals made from local ingredients are a feature of our menu. Ordering dinner in advance is a particularly important step in ensuring food is not wasted. We have created menus from which guests can choose on a daily basis. We have a desire that dinner is a special experience where guests can pamper their taste buds in a peaceful environment.


  • Train employees and guests to take responsibility for themselves and their environment

Locals who live in the valley, our employees, and also our guests can find guidelines for sustainable practice and relationships with unspoilt nature on our website, in our catalogues, and in the in-room information folders. You can read some of the guidelines below.


We monitor the use of electricity on a monthly basis. In the event of significant changes in use, we take action to check why it occurred and try to return use to the lowest level possible. All our equipment is energy efficient to the highest extent with the appropriate standards of energy ratings.

Eighty percent of our hotel is lit by efficient LED lighting, which uses 40% less energy. All rooms have a master ON/OFF switch, which simulatenously switches on/off all lighting in rooms. Thus, in a simple way, guests can turn off all lights when leaving their room.

Remote heating on biomass is provided for all tourist facilities in the Logar Valley Landscape Park. This enables the sustainable use of resources. During winter guests are provided with instructions on how to ventilate rooms with the least consumption of fuel.  

Water in the hotel is potable. It springs from the Ivovec stream, which is located amid the unspoilt nature of the Logar Valley. We encourage our guests to drink it. To ensure water quality and to protect the health of users we have a HACCP quality system. All waters outlets in the hotel are equipped with a water regulator. We regularly monitor the use of water and take appropriate measures in the event of any deviations.


Guests have use of a bio pool, which is cleaned by fish, wet-biological cleaners and plants. Water in the natural pool is not chlorinated. The pool is filled from a rainwater tank. The opening hours of our wellness centre are adjusted as required, as are the operating hours of the sauna. There is also a whirlpool in which the water is heated to 33°C.


In our kitchen we use ingredients of local and Slovenian origin to the greatest extent possible. We use ingredients to their full. We strive to prepare fresh food on a daily basis only to the extent that we need it. Therefore, we have introduced a system for ordering dinner, which helps us in adapting the volume of food prepared and reduces waste.

The hotel operates according to the ZERO WASTE system and adheres to the following guidelines: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Redesign. Our aim is to reduce the amount of waste generated and to limit the use of products for one-time use.


General information and other practices

• The company has a policy of giving priority to certified suppliers and those who adhere to the best environmental and social practices.

• Our procurement policy demands reusable, returnable and recyclable goods, if available.

• Unnecessary devices switch off, even when the hotel is not operating.

• The operation of all devices that are not in constant use is limited to the necessary operating time; otherwise the devices switch off.

• The Sustainable Action document provides employees with clear instructions on the measures taken, which are monitored and upgraded.

• Sustainability, energy efficiency and the conservation of resources are among the main priorities of our family business.

• The use of environmentally-friendly paper and materials.

• Employees and guests are informed about recycling waste.

• The rainwater we collect serves as a complement to the external and internal pool.

• The hotel does not have air-conditioning in rooms. We invite guests to use natural ventilation and cooling of rooms, i.e. opening windows. The nightime ambient temperatures are suitable for natural cooling.



General behavioural guidelines in the landscape park

• Visitors are requested to walk on marked trails only in order to not disturb animals and destroy flora.

• Meadows are mowed, therefore walking on them is not permitted.

• Visitors are requested not to pick flowers and other plants.

• Visitors are requested not to take food and drink into the park in order to help reduce waste. In the event that you do, nevertheless, have rubbish, please ensure that you take it home with you and do not leave it in the park.

• Visitors are requested to respect private property and obey the instructions of land owners.

• Hotel guests should note that playing music and causing any other noise is not permitted in the hotel after 10pm in order to not disturb wildlife and other hotel guests.

• We actively encourage the use of alternative forms of transport for attendees of events (hybrid cars, bikes, public transport, etc.).

• We recommend that guests use e-bikes rather than cars for day trips in the surroundings.

Solčavsko area


In our hotel we have implemented all that is technologically possible in terms of the efficient use of energy. However, we will still strive further and search for additional solutions for preserving our beautiful planet – for you, for us!

Our cooperation with the municipality of Solčava is also important, since the municipality has for many years been encouraging the principle of sustainable development, which is evident from the numerous acknowledgements and certificates it has received.

  • 2018 - Certification of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism for Solčava as a SILVER destination
  • 2019 - Certification of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism for the Logar Valley Landscape Park as a GREEN PARK
  • 2019 - Sustainable Top 100 Destination Award
  • 2016 - The municipality of Solčava commits to monitoring and changing the habits of residents, e-cycling, and joining the e-cycling waste management project 'LIFE14 GIE/SI000176' (The Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, ZEOS, LIFE, PUP, Saubermacher)
  •  2016 - Recognition of the municipality of Solčava for its many years of cooperation and support (shaping the environment and conditions for the training and education of new employees)
  • 2015 – accession and signing of the initiative 'Stopili smo skupaj' (We Stand Together) in the promotion of beekeeping (Slovenian Beekeepers' Association)
  • 2015 - Recognition of the municipality of Solčava and thanks for its many years of material and financial assistance and numerous appearances at the Mozirje Upper Savinja Intermunicipal Disabled Society, Mozirje (Zgornjesavinjsko medobčinsko društvo invalidov Mozirje)
  • 2015 - 'Best Theme Path 2015': the Solčava Panoramic Road – A Path of the Most Beautiful Views, as part of the countrywide campaign 'Moja dezela, lepa in gostoljubna' (My Land is Beautiful and Hospitable) (Slovenian Tourist Association, Slovenian Forestry Institute, Slovenian Tourist Board – Hiking and Cycling Economic Interest Group)
  • 2015 – Award for the 'Best Theme Path at a Regional Level' (Slovenian Forestry Institute Area Unit Slovenian  Tourist Association, Slovenian Forestry Institute, Slovenian Tourist Board – Hiking and Cycling Economic Interest Group)

  • 2013 - The Rinka Centre was awarded 3rd place among 400 competitors in the Constructive Alp competition for sustainable renovation and building the Alps
  • 2012 - Recognition and praise for excellent cooperation and the execution of sustainable projects with the Slovenian Forestry Institute
  • 2012 - The municipality received the ZLATI SVINČNIK (GOLDEN PENCIL) award in the field of architecture – multipurpose buildings, for the design of the Rinka multipurpose building (Slovenian Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning)
  • 2012 - The municipality of Solčava was awarded a ZLATI KAMEN (GOLDEN STONE) award for good governance and management, sustainable development and efficient operation (Zlati kamen is the trademark of the company SBR d.o.o. and Planet GV d.o.o.). The Zlati kamen project comprises a multi-disciplinary group of seven experts and various companies and institutions. The methodology for selection of the best municipality was carried out by a research consortium, which brings together experts from Slovenian universities.
  • 2009 - the municipality of Solčava was awarded an EDEN European Destination of Excellence certificate for sustainable management of protected areas. EDEN is a European Commission project to award destinations that develop tourism in accordance with the principles of environmental, cultural and social sustainability.
  • 2009 – recognition for the destination of Solčava on the acquisition of the title European Destination of Excellence (Ministry for Economic Development, Slovenian Tourist Board)

In addition an acknowledgement was given to the company Logar Valley d.o.o., specifically TURISTICNI NAGELJ (2000), as part of the assessment within 'My Land is Beautiful and Hospitable'.

- As a settlement and part of the landscape park, since 1998 the Logar Valley has ranked among the three most beautifully kept hilly areas.

- The company Logarska dolina d.o.o. received an international award for project work as part of the Leonardo da Vinci 'ALPS' project.

- In the competition 'The Future of the Alps' the company Logarska dolina d.o.o. received the first  CIPRE International prize in the category of protected areas category.

- The company was awarded first place in the competition 'Zemljo so nam podarili otroci' (The Earth Was Donated To Us By Children).

 Green Globe

The Green Globe eco-label is a structured assessment of the performance of sustainable tourism accommodation and service companies and their partners in the supply chain. Businesses can monitor improvements and document achievements that lead to validation of their businesses' sustainable operation and management. The Green Globe standard includes 44 benchmarks supported by more than 380 compliance indicators. The indicators used vary by type of certificate, geographical area and local factors. The entire Green Globe standard is reviewed and updated twice per calendar year. The Green Globe Standard is based on internationally accepted criteria developed over the 15 years of the Green Globe programme. Green Globe is working to coordinate with other established sustainability certification programmes worldwide. The harmonisation process contributes to maintaining the basic criteria while addressing regional issues by adopting locally developed standards (Green Globe, 2018).

Green Globe
Green Globe