Cultural Sights in The Logar Valley and Surroundings


  • Permanent exhibition of the Potočka zijalka cave
  • Permanent exhibition 'The Health of Patients'
  • Multivision slide show of three valleys: Logarska dolina, Matkov kot and Robanov kot
  • The church of St. Mary of the Snows 

Ljubno ob Savinji

  • Museum of Forestry and Timber in Nazarje
  • Rafters collection in Ljubno


  • Monastery library in Nazarje

Gornji Grad

  • Museum collections in Gornji Grad
  • Ethnological collection, established in 1989
  • Anotn Jamnik collection (1862-1942) inventor and popular designer, 1999
  • Ethnological collection at the Šokatnik homestead, 1999
  • Fossil and stone collection, 1999
  • Religious collection – established in 1993
  • Cards and postcards collection, 1995
  • Municipality of Gornji Grad photo collection, 1995
  • Chasuble in Radmirje church
  • Cathedral church in Gornji Grad
  • Aleksander Videčnik collection in Mozirje


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Green Globe