Natural sights

·         Natural history and ethnographical trail through the Logar Valley; numerous interesting hiking trails, alpine and climbing tours to mountain huts and farmhouses

·         Rinka waterfall  - 90 metres

·         Solčava yew tree - a thousand year old tree above Solčava; the oldest living 'being' in Slovenia

·         Spring of the Črna – the second source of the Savinja

·         Palenk waterfall – close to the hotel

·         Matk's tub – a tub made of snow that is formed by ice melting in the upper part of the Matkov kot valley

·         Potočka zijalka – a cave under the Olševa mountain, that used to be a shelter for hunters in the ice-age 20,000 years ago

·         Plesnik's elm tree – on the field in front of the Plesnik homestead

·         Logar linden tree – on the road in front of the Logar homestead

·         Ash tree with a burr – in the lower part of the natural history and ethnographic trail through the Logar Valley 



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