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AHAM - Discover yourself through yoga


Yoga retreats provide the ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life and a time to focus on one’s self. To get the most out of yoga, it is best to practice it as close to nature as possible. Hotel Plesnik, in the most serene and peaceful Logar Valley, offers a wonderful 7-day yoga retreat with numerous special and classic sessions for yoga enthusiasts.


‘Aham’ means ‘the Self’, and yoga is a way of connecting with our inner selves, which, in turn, allows us to connect with the outer world. Our Aham Yoga Retreat helps you understand the true sense of yoga. Along with practical yoga sessions, we also hold theory classes that cover various topics in brief, thus deepening your insights into yoga. The retreat also features some additional activities, such as a seminar on Ayurveda, an assessment of your body constitution by our Ayurveda specialist, an opportunity to have an Ayurvedic massage, and watching a cookery demonstration with our in-house Ayurvedic chef.

Come and join our Aham retreat to socialise with like-minded people and experience the authentic practice of yoga. Align with your inner-self, broaden your perspectives, and deepen your yoga practice.



 6. - 14. June 2023
10. - 18. October 2023


Meet the instructors


Dayal Joy

Dayal is an Ayurvedic doctor from India, who is also a certified yoga instructor. He is very passionate about the practice of classic Hatha yoga, and through his classes he always tries to convey the importance of authentic yoga styles. Dayal’s yoga classes are packed with information relating to the practice, postures, breathing and much more. Being sister sciences, Ayurveda and yoga share the same vedic roots, and Dayal combines both to help his clients restore a harmony and bond with nature.



  • 2 daily yoga sessions which include asanas (postural practice), pranayamas (breathing techniques), yoga Nidra (guided meditation), Dhyana (meditation), Aum chanting, Surya and Chandra Namaskaras (Sun and Moon salutations), Kapala Bhathi Kriya and much more
  • 4 theory classes which cover topics including the definition and introduction of yoga, Ashtanga yoga (eight limbs of yoga), Bhagavat Gita (a great epic known as the ‘song of the lord’), shad chakras (power points), Mudras (hand gestures), and much more
  • Ayurveda seminar
  • Prakruthi analysis (a talk with our Ayurveda specialist to diagnose your body constitution according to Ayurveda)
  • An exclusive session with our in-house Ayurveda chef, an introduction to Indian spices and a cookery demonstration
  • An authentic 40-minute Ayurveda massage
  • Stay at a boutique hotel with a Green Globe Eco certificate
  • Access to the Alpine Eco Wellness Centre
  • Daily organic meals made using fresh ingredients from local mountain farms
  • 8 nights’ accommodation


Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Yoga Styles

  • Hatha
  • Restorative
  • Nidra



Each day will be filled with different yoga experiences.

You will start the day with a 75-minute yoga session, which includes stretching, strengthening and restorative yoga asanas and ends with a relaxation session. Following this active morning session, your body will definitely be in need of an ideal breakfast. An organic breakfast will be served in our restaurant, featuring local products from nearby farms; vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options are also available. This will be followed by either a theory class on particular yoga topics, which makes this AHAM retreat unique, or an analysis of your body constitution and a revitalising Ayurveda massage with our Ayurveda team.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy free time for yourself, which you can choose to either spend in our Alpine Eco Wellness Centre featuring a whirlpool and Finnish, bio and steam saunas, or head outdoors for some active biking or hiking sessions.

The day ends with an evening relaxing and meditative yoga session followed by a delicious dinner.


Sample daily schedule (arrival day evening – departure day morning)

  • 7am              Morning yoga session
  • 8.30am         Breakfast
  • 11am            Theory class/experiencing Ayurveda
  • 1pm              Light lunch
  • Afternoon    Free time for yourself or optional activities
  • 5pm              Evening yoga
  • 7pm              Dinner


The retreat starts on Tuesday evening with a get together followed by dinner and ends on Wednesday after breakfast.

Program is performed in English.

AHAM yoga retreat package

(8 overnights)

Double room

(price per person)

Single room

(price per person)

Vila Palenk***S

6. - 14. June 2023

€1.933 €2.052

Vila Palenk***S

10. - 18. October 2023

€1.832 €1.942



• Tourist tax: 2€ per person/day
• Registration fee: 2,50€ per person

Information and reservation:

• Reservation can be made by phone, email or directly through our website:
• Phone: +386 3 839 23 00
• Email:  
• To confirm the reservation, an advance payment of 30% is required
• Business account: IBAN: SI56 3400 0101 1524 124
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