Ayurveda Health Recovery Package

Ayurveda Health Recovery Package
2-day sleep-free package


In times of viruses, it is especially important to take care of your health, which is why we have prepared a 2-day Ayurvedic programme to restore your health and immune system. Ayurveda is an ancient healing approach that originated in India. It is a ''science of life'' that teaches us how to live a healthy lifestyle. With the right guidance, it can lead us to a healthy, happy and positive lifestyle.

Benefits of the programme

A discussion with a wellness expert will be held to introduce the whole programme and the benefits. Various Ayurvedic therapies will help you feel light, energetic and invigorated. A warm shower after the therapy will help to open the pores of your skin, cleanse the channels of the body and have a detoxifying effect. It will also help you stay warm, which is a basic human need. The herbal supplement will help improve your health and vitality. Relaxing in the Alpine Eco Wellness Centre will put you in a pleasant mood, as mental health is also very important. Yoga and meditation exercises help to improve flexibility and ensure inner peace. Breathing exercises strengthen the health of your respiratory system and regular exercise protects against respiratory problems.

The 1-day Ayurveda Health Recovery Package includes:                             

Programme introduction, 30 min.    
Abhyangam - Ayurvedic full body massage, 60 min
Podikizhi - full body massage with curls, 30 minutes
Yoga Nidra - guided meditation with deep relaxation technique, 20 minutes

Package price: € 150 per person


2-day Ayurveda Health Restoration Package includes:

First day:                                                                                                       

Introduction to the programme, 30 min.                                                          
Ayurvedic massage, 90 min (combination of Abhyangam and Podikizhi massage with culottes)              
Pampering in Alpine Eco Wellness, herbal tea, fruit                                                                 
Yoga, 60 min (in English) - 

Second day:

Ayurvedic massage, 60 min (combination of Punarejeevan Abhyangam and 20 min Nasyam), ending with a hot bath
Pampering in Alpine Eco Wellness, herbal tea, fruit 
Meditation with breathing exercises, 60 min

Package price for guests staying at the hotel: € 237 per person 

Package price for non-hotel guests: € 317 per person

Information and reservations:
Reservation required in advance by phone: 03 839 23 00 or email
NOTE: Ayurvedic programmes are conducted in English
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