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In the past, a pork sausage called “Savinjski želodec” was considered as a ceremonial dish for major holidays and wedding celebrations. The biggest ritual meaning it had for Easter and was regularly brought to the blessing, but more often cooked than raw. During the wedding celebrations, funeral wakes and family events “Savinjski želodec” was served at the exactly right moment. The fact that a good “želodec” is a pride of every farmer, demonstrates the importance that it was attributed to the meal, which was once featured a treat and certainly not an everyday dish.

Moreover, for the preparation of a good “želodec” is important: proper breeding sows, correct feeding, appropriate mixture and of course more consistent processing, the success or quality, of course, also depends on climatic conditions. Older people claims that the best “želodec” is the one which is kept in the old granaries; this does not appear to dispute, because granaries are, due to good insulation properties, a perfect storage of meat treats. Here is “Savinjski želodec”, prepared according to the original old recipe and also such as in 1932 first tried English and Yugoslav king.


"Yugoslavian King Alexander, who had his hunting residence in the Bohinjska Bistrica, came in August 1932 in the company of British King George V. over the Kamnik saddle to the Logar Valley. He and his companion stopped at the hotel Plesnik which was managed by Franc Plesnik and among other food they afford themselves a typical pig’s sausage called “Savinjski želodec”. King George V. liked the meat product so much, that from that day on, the sausage was sent regularly to the English court. Especially for sending that meat were made special wooden box - one was full on the road to London, the other empty on the way from London to Plest. For this delicious packages regularly drove someone from the English consulate in Zagreb to Logar valley, which then drove the packages to the airport, from where the consignment was flown to London. "

This paragraph wrote Alexander Videčnik, a writer and researcher of folk customs and life in the Upper Savinja Valley.

Despite your undoubtedly keen taste and features to immediately identify a culinary delicacy, note an advice: if you want to try the highest quality specimen of “Savinjski želodec”, you simply have to order it to the waiter at the hotel Plesnik. Do not forget - from Plesnik’s hotel left also the king of England – fascinated at the tasty meat. Satisfied was also the Yugoslavian king. And the kings  do know. Without the slightest shred of doubt.

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