legal provisions

Legal provisions


All rights reserved. The use of the information contained on the internet pages of the Plesnik Hotel is allowed within the legal permitted framework. Nevertheless, the information cannot replace the original newsletter or information provided by the Plesnik Hotel.


All information and data available on the webpage is for information only. The Plesnik Hotel takes no responsibility for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information.


Privacy Policy


The Plesnik Hotel will act with due care and diligence to ensure that the information contained on these web pages is accurate and up-to-date. Nevertheless, it does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information. All users use the web pages at their own responsibility. The website may contain links to the web sites of third persons. The Plesnik Hotel cannot undertake any responsibility for the content of third party web pages.


We reserve the right to alter, add or remove the web pages (partially or completely) without prior notification.


All information and images contained on the web pages are subject to copyright protection and other forms of intellectual property protection. The information may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. The Plesnik Hotel is committed to maintaining the privacy of the personal information of all the visitors to this web page. The data acquired will be used solely for the purpose of improving the web pages or to establish contact with the user, shall he/she so desire.


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