Sustainability efforts and certificates


At Plesnik Hotel, we are committed to sustainable tourism and the sustainable use of resources. We have taken a number of measures to raise awareness among our guests and suppliers. We follow a Sustainability Plan that includes environmental, socio-cultural, quality, health and safety aspects.


We carry out an annual assessment of improvements and keep a record of new measures, taking into account the opinions of our guests and suppliers. We are also proud holders of the Green Globe eco-label, which provides a structured insight into the performance of sustainable tourism accommodation and service companies and their supply chain partners.

Tradition and mission

Tradition and an inherited mission have committed us to consistently stand up for and take care of the local community. We strive to use resources sparingly and to preserve the environment for generations to come. We direct our development in a way that does not threaten the survival of other species or destroy their habitats. We have clearly written rules of acceptable behaviour in the Logar Valley Landscape Park.

We aim to improve the quality of life

Our aim is to improve the quality of life. Healthy local food, which we are happy to offer to our guests, contributes a lot to achieving this goal. Guests can also choose from health treatments based on the principles of permaculture, Sebastian Kneipp, Rudolf Steiner and Ayurveda. The packages consist of personalised, healthy diets, the healing effects of herbs, outdoor activities, relaxation with wellness packages, massages and therapies.

Preserving pristine nature

Our development is based on the sustainable use of renewable resources, sustainable use of space and responsible waste management. All these procedures are detailed in our internal document, which is part of the Green Globe Eco-certification - Sustainable Management System. For more than ten years, the tourist facilities in the valley have been heated with wood biomass from local sources and also a waste water treatment plant has been installed.

Our aim is to make a change for the better

To stay healthy, we need to take care of nature and our bodies. We will do this by living as sustainably as possible. Our relationship with food is extremely important. We offer products from local and Slovenian farms, and to minimise food waste, we have introduced lunch and dinner ordering and menu options for guests to choose from daily.

Small changes for big progress

The rules and guidelines for sustainable behaviour and respect for the nature of the landscape park must be respected by everyone: the locals who live in the valley, the hotel staff, the hotel guests and visitors to the Logar valley.


See how we're making a big difference with small steps at Plesnik Hotel:

  1. We monitor our monthly electricity consumption and take action in cases of major deviations from expected consumption. We use energy-efficient equipment with appropriate energy rating standards. At the same time, we limit the operation of all appliances that are not in constant use to the necessary operating time, otherwise, they are switched off.
  2. We ensure that as much natural light as possible is used, and 80% of the remaining lighting is provided by efficient LED lights, which consume 40% less energy. A MASTER ON/OFF switch is installed in the rooms to control all the lighting in the room at the same time.
  3. The tourist facilities in the central part of the Logar Valley Landscape Park are equipped with district heating using wood biomass. This is how we sustainably use local resources. In winter, guests are informed about room ventilation with minimum heating consumption.
  4. There is no air conditioning in the hotel rooms. Guests are encouraged to open the windows for natural ventilation.
  5. The water in the hotel is drinkable. It comes from the Ivovec water spring, which is located on a hillside in the middle of the preserved nature of the Logar Valley. We have a HACCP quality system in place to ensure the quality of the water and protect the health of our users.
  6. Water flow restrictors are installed at all outlets in the hotel. Water consumption is regularly monitored and appropriate measures are taken in case of any deviation.
  7. A natural pond is available to guests. It is cleaned with fish and wet biological cleaners and plants. The water in the natural pond is not chlorinated. It is recharged from a rainwater tank, which is treated with filters and UV disinfection.
  8. The opening hours of the wellness and spa area are adjusted as needed, as well as the operation of the saunas. Guests can use the whirlpool, where the water temperature is 33° C.
  9. The hotel operates according to the ZERO WASTE system, where we follow the guidelines: reduce, reuse, recycle and redesign. Our aim is to reduce waste and limit the use of disposable products. That is why we use reusable, returnable and recycled goods where available, environmentally friendly paper and other materials, and raise awareness of waste recycling among our employees and guests.

Responsibility in a wider local environment

Our cooperation with the wider community is also important. The Logar Valley Landscape Park and the Municipality of Solčava have been promoting the principles of sustainable development for many years, as evidenced by numerous awards, prizes and certificates. We have been awarded the Slovenia Green Destination Gold Label,  and we have been ranked among the top 100 sustainable destinations in the world several times, to mention but a few.

Green Globe
Green Globe