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Duration and price

ABHYANGAM (general full body massage)

Abhyangam is an ayurvedic masterpiece that completely relaxes the body by supporting blood circulation and stimulating the nerves. The ayurvedic procedure involves applying oil over the entire body and a massage using a certain amount of pressure in specific directions.

60 min / € 75

KALARI ABHYANGA (traditional Kerala martial massage)
Kalari Abhyangam or Kalari massage is a special deep tissue massage technique that relieves deep seated pain in the body. This massage technique uses more pressure compared to normal abhyangam massage and tones muscles and strengthens ligaments.

60 min/€ 83

ABHYANGAM + STEAM (general full body massage & herbal steam bath) 
Abhyangam and Swedanam therapies are combined to produce the effects of both. A steam bath is a process of detoxifying the body through a natural process of sweating through the skin.

70 min/€ 85

PUNAREJEEVANA ABHYANGA (revitalising massage)

This is the same technique as abhyangam or a general full body massage, where only the area below the neck is massaged, excluding the head and face.

40 min / € 54

SHIRODHARA & ABHYANGA (anti-stress programme)

A programme of therapies combining a general full body massage and Shirodhara.

Shirodhara is among the most relaxing and calming therapies in Ayurveda. It is a procedure that involves the streamlined pouring of medicated liquid oil over the forehead using a rhythmic oscillation and then allowing the oil to flow over the scalp from a specific height for a specific period of time.

100 min/

€ 160

SHIRODHARA (herbal oil pouring - forehead)
Shirodhara is among the most relaxing and calming therapies in Ayurveda. It is a procedure that involves the streamlined pouring of medicated liquid oil over the forehead using a rhythmic oscillation and then allowing the oil to flow over the scalp from a specific height for a specific period of time.

45 min / € 85

PAADA ABGHYANGAM (foot massage)

A therapy in which medicated oil is applied and massaged to the legs, below the knees. Special care is given to the feet and soles as this area of the body has different vital points and points of relaxation.

30 min/€ 45

SUSHUMNA ABGHYANGAM (neck, shoulder and spine massage)

Medicated oil is applied over selected parts of the body- neck, shoulders

and back. It is a therapeutic procedure applied to these particular areas to relieve pain, stiffness, muscle spasms, etc.
30 min/€ 50

SHIRO ABHYANGAM (head massage)

A therapy in which medicated oil is applied over the head followed by a scalp massage. This helps you to relax and release stress and

20 min/€ 45

MUKHA ABHYANGAM (face massage)

A massage performed exclusively on the face using ayurvedic herbal oils or cream (according to your choice). The gentle strokes in this massage have a relaxing effect whilst also taking care of skin health.

15 min/€ 35

SHIRO & MUKHA ABHYANGAM (head and face massage)

A massage technique where the application of oil and massage is performed on both the head and face.

35 min/€ 70

MUKHA SOUVARNYAM (herbal beauty facial)

A herbal facial including cleansing, toning, pampering and massage using herbal powders, scrubs, wraps, oils and creams that will leave you positively glowing with radiant energy and beauty.

45 min/€ 65


This facial helps to bring  a natural glow to face, brightens, the skin and helps to improve its tone. The treatment includes a face massage, face scrub, face steam and a face pack.

60min/ € 80


This facial is good for tightening the skin on the face. Regular treatments help to restore the elasticity and firmness of the skin on the face and can help improve the appearance of wrinkles. This facial includes a special style of face massage, a light scrub and various face packs.

60min/ € 80


This facial is ideal for those who have problems with dry skin as it nourishes and rejuvenates the skin and helps keep skin soft, replenished and hydrated. The treatment includes a face massage, face steam and face pack.


45min/ € 65

FULL BODY SCRUB (body massage)

Our special full body scrub helps to remove dead skin, improves overall blood circulation and cleanses the skin through exfoliation. It includes a full body cream massage, scrub using natural ingredients, full body pack followed by a hot shower.

75min/ € 120


Prebookings are mandatory.

60 min/€ 20


Prior bookings are mandatory.

60 min/€ 20


Prebookings are mandatory.

100 min/

€ 30

WELLNESS (bathrobe and sauna towel included) - curently unavailable for outside guests 3 hrs / € 40

Prices valid from 1.11.2022 and are subject to change without prior notice.



Classic full body massage

Classic massage is a natural method of accelerating blood flow and relaxing muscles, which promotes better sleep and general wellbeing. This massage helps to relieve pain and tension throughout the body and restores vitality.

75 min / € 85

60 min / € 70

50 min / € 60

Classic back massage 

This massage helps relieve tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back and helps to regenerate the entire body.

45 min / € 55

30 min / € 45


Special offers for men and women

Day 1: Ayurvedic relaxation massage Punarejeevana Abhyangam and massage with warm herbal bundles, 75 min.

Day 2: Head and face massage and foot massage. 60 min

Package price: € 200 / person


Womens package: lively and with a shine

Ayurveda emphasises the meaning of beauty care with the help of natural herbs. This package has been put together especially for womens.

Day one: Facial care for a shine, 60 min (includes a face massage, face scrub, steam facal and compress)
Day two: Full body scrub, 75 min (includes a full body scrub, full body compress and a hot steam bath)

Package price: € 200 / per person





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