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ABHYANGAM (general full body massage)

Abhyangam is an ayurvedic masterpiece for relaxing your body completely by supporting the blood circulation and stimulating the nerves. An ayurvedic procedure of application of oil over the full body and massaging with certain amount of pressure in specific directions.
60 min / € 68

KALARI ABHYANGA (Traditional Kerala martial massage)

Kalari Abhyangam or Kalari Massage is a special technique of deep tissue massage which relieves body pain which is deep seated. This technique of massage uses more pressure compared to the normal abhyangam and tones up your muscles and strengthens the ligaments.

60 min/€ 75

ABHYANGAM + STEAM (General full body massage & herbal steam bath)

Here therapies Abhyangam and Swedanam are combined together to get the effects of both. Steam bath is a process of detoxifying the toxins out of the body through a natural process of sweating through the skin.
70 min/€ 80


This is the same technique of abhyangam or general full body massage, where the massage will be done only below the neck, excluding head and face.

40 min / € 49

SHIRODHARA & ABHYANGA (Anti stress programe)

A combined programme of therapies General Full Body Massage and Shirodhara.

Shirodhara is the one among the most relaxing and calming therapies in Ayurveda. It is a procedure which involves streamlined pouring of medicated liquid oil over the forehead with a rhythmic oscillation and then allowing to flow over the scalp from a specific height for a specific period of time

100 min/

€ 143


The therapy in which medicated oil is applied and massaged to the legs, below the knees. Special care is given to the feet and soles as this part has different vital points and points of relaxation.
30 min/€ 40

SUSHUMNA ABGHYANGAM (Neck, shoulder and spine massage)

Medicated oil is applied over particular parts of the body- Neck, Shoulder
and Back. It is a therapeutic procedure given to these particular areas to relieve pain, stiffness, muscle spasms etc.
30 min/€ 46


The therapy in which medicated oil is applied over the head and massaging
the scalp. This helps you to relax and release all the stress and

20 min/€ 40

MUKHA ABHYANGAM (Face massage)

A massage done exclusively on the face with ayurvedic herbal oils or cream (according to your choice). The gentle strokes in this massage will give you relaxation at the same time take care of your skin health.

15 min/€ 30

SHIRO & MUKHA ABHYANGAM (Head & Face massage)

A technique of massage where the oil application and massage will be done both to the head and face.

35 min/€ 65

MUKHA SOUVARNYAM (herbal beauty facial)

A herbal facial with cleansing, toning, pampering and massaging using herbal powders, scrubbers, wrappers, oils and creams that let you positiveljy glow with radiant energy and beauty

45 min/€ 60

NADI PAREEKSHA (consultation and pulse diagnosis with our Ayurvedic Specialist)

This 60-minute chat with our Ayurvedic Specialist will help you to understand Ayurveda, Basic Principles, Doshas, and your Prakruthi (Nature of Body Constitution) in a new light. 

Note: In order to undergo this consultation, you have to fill up a basic questionnaire which will be available at the reception. Please bring this questionnaire filled while you come to see the Ayurveda Specialist. 

60 min/€ 50


A basic talk with our Ayurveda specialist where you can clarify any doubts regarding the therapies or massages. He can recommend you with the best option of massages and therapies suiting your health status.
20 min/ € 20


Preebooking obligatory

60 min/€ 15


Prebooking obligatory

60 min/€ 15


Prebooking obligatory

100 min/

€ 25

WELLNESS (bathrobe and sauna towel incl.) 3 hrs / € 30

Prices valid from 1.1.2018 and are subject to change without prior notice.



Classic full body massage

Classic massage is a natural method of accelerating blood flow and relaxing muscles, which promotes better sleep and general wellbeing. This massage helps to relieve pain and tension throughout the body and restores vitality.

75 min / € 82

60 min / € 65

50 min / € 58

Classic back massage 

This massage helps relieve tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back and helps to regenerate the entire body.

45 min / € 50

30 min / € 35

Classic face, neck and décolleté massage

A massage for the face and neck muscles which contributes to relaxation and a feeling of lightness, as well as improving circulation. The massage ends with an application of nourishing, moisturising cream.

30 min / € 35

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