Our vision and mission


The Plesnik family has been present in the Logar valley since 1426 and tourism has always been part of our life. Our vision is to be different. We are able to do this thanks to the wonderful nature that surrounds us and also our excellent products and services. Following a renovation of the hotel we have further improved our sustainable ways of operating, which means reducing the use of energy and water and the amount of waste generated. One of our main aims is to improve the quality of guest stays, therefore we have introduced a range of health programme, such as Ayurveda-based programmes and the ‘Pure Power of Nature’, which includes a comprehensive range of treatments that help to maintain and improve health.




Our goal is to offer guests high quality services, where the natural, social and cultural aspects are of great importance. We want to raise awareness about sustainable practices and their importance. We have a desire to play a part in creating a better world for the generations that follow.



Why we decided to apply to obtain a GREEN GLOBE environmental award

Operating sustainably is something we are already very familiar with, since our predecessors lived in such a way and they left us clean and pristine nature. This is proven by the numerous awards and recognitions in the field of sustainable operation of the Logar Valley and Solčava. Obtaining a GREEN GLOBE certificate was a logical step in proving this to the public. We have a desire to live a quality private life and we are also delighted to be able to offer this to our hotel guests.


Green Globe
Green Globe